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Bob and I are very excited about our Grand Opening. We have decided to downsize with the location being on our home property.  What a better place to continue and add to the already existing Decorative Concrete canvas. We have invited some amazing Industry Professionals to share Knowledge and talent.  This will be a jam packed few days. We welcome you to join us on this special day and New Chapter in our lives.

This event not only targets the Architect specifying the job, or the beginner wanting to get started and achieve their aspirations, but also the seasoned professional.  This will be a well-rounded overview of some of the most exciting applications in the Decorative Concrete Industry such as:  Stamped Concrete and Polished Concrete (Presented by Bob Harris of Structural Services Inc. and Founder of DCI along with Lee Ann Harris), Applications of Vertical Stamping (Presented by Nathan Giffin – Vertical Artisans), Beyond Vertical (Presented by Joshua Russell – Owner, Beyond Vertical Concrete), Overlays and Precast Countertops (Presented by Keefe Duhon – Owner, Concrete Revolution, LLC).   Also being presented are seminars on Marketing – 10 Ideas to Build a Great Decorative Concrete Business, (Presented by Jim Peterson, President – of Concrete Network) and Increasing Profits in Your Decorative Concrete Business (Presented by Rocky Geans – Former President and Owner of L. L. Geans).

Also in attendance will be Factory Representatives from Kingdom Products, Metzger McGuire, Proline, Sase and Surface Gel Tek. This Event will also be the official launch of Decorative Concrete Institute Representing Proline and Kingdom Products with the Distribution of their innovative and complete product lines. We will also be showcasing DCI’s proven product line. Take advantage of joining Bob and Lee Ann (and of course Zeek and Zack) as well as Top Leading Industry Professionals for this exciting Event. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Increasing Profits in Your
Decorative Concrete Business

With special guest: Rocky Geans

10 Ideas to Build a Great
Decorative Concrete Business

With special guest: Jim Peterson

Vertical Outdoor Patio Seat Wall (Foam Core Construction)

With special guest: Nathan Giffin

Precast Countertops and White Wash Microtopping with Wood Plank

With special guest: Keefe Duhon

Steampunk Rustic Designs

With special guest: Joshua Russell

Stamped Concrete
and Polished Concrete

With special guests: Bob and Lee Ann Harris

Download the Grand Opening agenda and artisan bios here!