Bob Harris’ Guide to Polished Concrete Floors


  • A to Z instructions for producing exquisite polished concrete surfaces, covering every step in the polishing process
  • How to choose one polishing system over another
  • Important questions to ask before jumping into the business
  • Budget analysis to determine how much to charge for each flooring option
  • How to estimate materials
  • Surface preparation and crack repair
  • Coloring options, including integral color and color hardener (for new concrete) and topically applied stains and dyes
  • Decorative finish options, including the use of stencils, scoring techniques, sandblasting and engraving
  • Considerations for concrete hardness
  • Overview of polishing equipment and diamond tooling
  • Maintenance considerations

You’ll also find a list of the essential tools, equipment and supplies needed if you’re serious about pursuing the polished concrete market as well as a pictorial gallery of completed projects.